A school that’s been around since 1881 has some old books. Old science and technology books, in particular, can be pretty funny. To answer each question, you’ll need to treasure hunt in a “vintage” book from the DH Library, somewhere in the science and technology sections. (Hint: that’s the 500s and 600s.)

1. Question: Check the library website for the day’s question.

2. Book: Find the book you need to answer the question.

3. Answer: Email me, see me, or leave me a note with the following 3 things:
•    book title
•    call number
•    complete answer to the question

4. Candy: Give a good answer and get a piece of candy!

The contest ends Fri., May 10. Answer ALL 8 questions well and I will bake something just for you! (You can answer a question a day, or all 8 on the last day, or however you want to do it.)

Past questions:

  1. May 1
  2. May 2
  3. May 3
  4. May 6
  5. May 7
  6. May 8
  7. May 9
  8. May 10