Dana Alumna Wins Pulitzer Prize

Happy Poetry Month indeed! Sharon Olds, Class of 1960, is the winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Her most recent book, Stag's Leap, was honored yesterday when all 24 prizes were announced. Stag's Leap is about the collapse of her 30-year marriage and the painful process of divorce. Come by and take a look at Stag's Leap and Sharon Olds's other work, on display next to the Information Desk. Here is an excerpt from one of the poems from Stag's...

LGBTQ History Month

Check out a memoir of an out-and-proud member of the armed forces or read about the  history of LGBTQ Bostonians. These books offer a glimpse into our nation's history. A timeline of the LGBTQ Movement over the past century, as well as some handouts, can be found on the bulletin board right next to the display. Take some time to learn more about it today! For more information about Gay and Lesbian History Month check out the official website: http://www.lgbthistorymonth.com/

Check out the New Displays!

Take some time while you're on your way into the library to check out some of the great new displays we're featuring this month. Whether you decide that librarians are evil, or that you like the new chemistry teacher's taste in books there's something for everyone in these displays. Stop by and see what they're all about!