Middle School Monday: Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate

Welcome to 2018, the year I work my way through our collection of middle grade books (books written for 5th-7th grade). I'm starting at the beginning of the author alphabet with Applegate, author of one of my favorite middle grade books, the Newbery Award winning The One and Only Ivan. While Crenshaw doesn't feature any gorillas, it does have a giant, invisible cat.

When Jackson was in first grade, he had an imaginary friend: a big black and white cat he named...

World Book Night!

World Book Night is a celebration of reading and books which will see thousands of people share books with others in their communities.  Participants (including Ms. Gray) will be handing out free new books in unlikely locations like grocery stores, parks and bus stops.  See the list of 30 titles that are being handed out and read more about the event here.

And Happy Birthday to Shakespeare as well!