Salvete, discipulae!  Aestate frui vos omnes spero.  Mense Iulio sessionem de Latino locuto frequentabo.

You are receiving this email if you are signed up to take the Latin IV/V course during Dana Hall’s 2013-2014 academic year.  Some of you will be taking the AP course, and others of you will be taking the regular Latin IV/V.  What I outline below is required for all AP students and highly recommended for everyone.  If you are not taking the AP course, you can certainly pick and choose what you want to complete, but I would love it if everyone could read the Lombardo translation of The Aeneid and look at the word lists. 

There are two required books: the Lombardo translation of The Aeneid and Jeffrey Tatum’s Always I Am Caesar.

Because these are both daunting tasks, I have also provided the following links to help you through the work.  The first two links are study guide questions for The Aeneid, the second two are links to vocabulary lists to begin studying, and the final link is to a study guide for the Tatum book.

In September, we will begin the year with vocabulary review and a discussion of the Aeneid in translation.  We will briefly touch on the Caesar book and then return to it more completely in the second half of the year.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Vergil Study Guide Questions

Study Guides and More

Extensive site to be used all year – for now, go directly to the vocabulary section.

Latin Core Vocabulary List

Study Guide for Caesar Book

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