These are lists of resources on various subjects compiled by Dana Hall librarians and teachers. All the books on these lists are available at the Dana Hall library.

Alumnae Authors
The items on this list were written by a Dana Hall alumna, or an alumna was somehow involved in the production.

Dragons, Roar!
Spread the school spirit with books about dragons.

Dystopian Fiction
Love the Hunger Games? Wish there were more books in the Divergent series? Here is a list of books with a similar post-apocalyptic flavor.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning
Learn more about the LGBTQ experience through both fiction and nonfiction stories.

Whether you’re into a classic detective story, a historical thriller, or more modern mischief, we have a book for you.

Narrative Nonfiction
Think you don’t like nonfiction? Think again! These books weave factual events into thrilling tales you won’t want to put down.