How do I print?

  • Choose “Library Scrap” or “Library Reference” from the Print menu for black and white. Both are by the computers.
  • Choose “Library Color Laser” for color. This printer is in the library office.
  • For lots of color (full-page photos or collages), see a librarian to print to the copier.

How do I copy?

  • You can choose to print in either black & white or color on either copier.
  • The copier by the magazines is simpler, and fine for basic copying.
  • The copier next to the library office is higher quality, with shiny paper. Do not load it with the plain paper that is used by the other copier and printers.
  • Enter your 5-digit user ID, press NEXT, enter your account ID (1 for students, faculty, and staff; 3 for departments and office), and press CONFIRM.
  • Your copier ID is the last 5 digits of the number on your Dana ID card. If you don’t know it, the librarian at the front desk will be happy to look it up.

How do I scan?

  • The copier next to the library office can email what you copy instead of printing it. Try this instead of faxing!

How much does it cost?

  • Black & white printing is free. But please — don’t print more than you need!
  • Color printing is 25 cents. Write your name on the clipboard with how many pages you printed.
  • Black & white copying is 10 cents.
  • Color copying is 50 cents.
  • Scanning is free.
  • ALL printing and copying is charged to your student account or department — we don’t take cash!