Boston Globe archive: Full text, 1980-current

Boston Globe current: Full text, digital subscription. (Requires login even on campus. See password list.) 4,400+ newspapers from the 1700s–2000s. (No access off campus)

New York Times: Full text, digital subscription. (Always requires login to access full content. Click here to create an account using your Dana Hall email.)

New York Times historical: Full text, 1851-1993

ProQuest Historical Newspapers:

Washington Post: Full text, digital subscription. (Requires login even on campus. See password list.)

Wall Street Journal: Full text, last four years. (Requires login even on campus. See password list.)


Life Magazine Archive: full text, 1936-2000

National Geographic: Full Archives, 1881 – current exactly as magazines appeared in print. (Requires login even on campus.  See password list.)

New Yorker: Full text, 1925-current. (Requires login even on campus. See password list.)

Time Magazine Archive: Full text, 1923-2000.

Journals and Periodical Databases

Academic OneFile: academic journals and periodicals

Gale Databases (InfoTrac) : Articles from encyclopedias and other reference sources, as well as periodicals

JSTOR: Full text of 1000+ academic journals. To access off campus, you must first create an account from campus.

Middle School Journal: Full text, 1970 – 2013 (Vol. 1/2/3 – Vol. 45, No.2)

Popular Magazines (Gale OneFile)

Women’s Review of Books: “features essays and in-depth reviews of new books by and about women”; published by Wellesley College

World News Digest: News articles, historical documents, and statistics from around the world.