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It was an epic weekend in many ways but mostly because I visited one of my favorite libraries in the world: The New York Public Library Main Branch. There, I got to experience 100 years children's literature in America when I saw the last day of the exhibit, "The ABC of It". It was amazing! There was a giant wild thing and much rumpus to be had. I saw the original stuffed animals that inspired A.A. Milne's The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Did you know that Lewis...

Read an award winner!

As you may have heard, the American Library Association Youth Media Awards were announced today. The Newbery and Caldecott are the most famous, but there are many others. (Here's the full list of this year's winners.) We don't have them all yet, but here are a few to whet your appetite:

Flora & Ulysses: Newbery Award
Rose Under Fire: Schneider Award, for "artistic expression of the disability experience"
Beautiful Music for...

Beautiful new sign

The wooden sign over the library entrance was made by Ferdinando Codognotto, an Italian wood carver whose studio is in Rome, Italy. The sign was commissioned in March 2013 during Dana Hall's spring break trip to Italy and brought back to the United States in July 2013 by Library Director Liz Gray. It was made in two pieces, both of which are signed and dated by the artist. Codognotto's works are in both private and public collections worldwide.         The two photos to the right show...

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