November is National Family Stories Month!

Did you know that November is National Family Stories Month?  Chances are, you've shared some laughter, crazy times, or tears with people in your family.  What better time to commemorate the memories you've made with them - and any other stories your family might share - than by celebrating this month?

Now is a great time to write down or share you own personal history, or read about the histories, memoirs, and biographies of other families across time.  Learn about different family...

Literary Pumpkins

It's almost Halloween, and we had a blast getting in the spirit by decorating pumpkins in the library last week!  Be sure to swing by and check out our lovely literary creations, ranging in interpretations of novels from Raven Boys to Dork Diaries!  Middle Schoolers, campus kids, and the librarians teamed up for these masterpieces, which will be on display all week.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This month, the library teamed up with the Health Center to bring awareness to one of October's important topics: Breast Cancer Awareness.

Approximately one in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime ("Facts About Breast Cancer in the United States").  It is the second leading cause of death among women, and it is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in...

It’s Banned Books Week

Curious about the mugshots hanging around school? Have you seen the Books Behind Bars in the library?  Wondering why there are books covered by paper bags standing up on the counter next to the bird?

That's because this week is Banned Books Week. It's a week to recognize the importance of books in our lives, open access to information, and to celebrate our freedom to read!


Keep the Toiletries Flowing In!

We're off to a great start with our CSAB Toiletry Drive here at the library.  The toiletries we're collecting for the display cases in the hallway are going to support Rosie's Place, a women's shelter founded to provide care and resources for homeless and poor women.  In this school-wide drive, the different classes and faculty teams are competing to see who is the most charitable and giving.  Look at the list below to see what you can do to help out Rosie's...

Window to your thoughts: what are you thankful for, Dana Hall?

What are you thankful for, Dana Hall (besides hand turkeys and window markers?)
What are you thankful for, Dana Hall (besides hand turkeys and window markers?)

Feeling a little creative and also thankful in the waning days leading up to exams and before we stuff bellies with turkey and then curl up with some good books and DVDs from the library?  Swing by and help us decorate our windows with your thoughts (and most gorgeous hand turkey).

Thankful Window ArtThankful Window Art