Shake It Off

As we enter exam week, it can be easy to allow the hectic pace to affect our own mood and well-being. When the end-of-year panic starts to set in, take a break from your work and stare into a swirl of soothing, peaceful glitter.

Scattered around the library are several of these calming jars, which, when shaken, become a whirling tornado of momentary zen. Watch just long enough for the glitter to settle back to the bottom, and you'll find that your heart rate has gone down, your...

April is National Poetry Month

Poetry is popping up all over the place, including this bulletin board in the Middle School:


Stop by the library to check out our numerous displays on poetry, where you can:

  • Check out a book of poems
  • Create your own poem from Dana Hall-specific "magnetic" poetry
  • Use old book pages to "find" a new poem
  • Share a favorite poem


Tampon Drive!

Donate Tampons or Pads for the women of Rosie's Place. According to the Tri-Heads of CSAB: "The grade with the largest percentage of participation will receive a PRIZE!!!!!" (Levin). A REALLY cool prize... You don't want to miss out on that. This drive runs through February 11th. So far, the CLASS of 2019 is killing it!

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Keep Calm and Study On

Take some time this week to BREATHE. Check out our Study Break Area (above the text books) and pick up some coloring pages, or walk into another world through Google Cardboard. Trust us, you'll love it.

Or come to one of our programs starting Friday at 4:30 with mind blowing endings to Grimm's Fairy Tales. Find out what Mr. Disney left out...