Marjane Satrapi in Boston!

Yesterday, six students from the Upper School traveled into Boston to hear a lecture by Marjane Satrapi, author of Persepolis. Satrapi touched on many points throughout her lecture but she highlighted three main points:

- Education is important!

- If we don't laugh we will die.

- There is no such thing as borders. We are all influenced by each other and share far more than anything that divides us.

Everyone had a fabulous time. Satrapi was hilarious and humble. We all...

9th Grade Ancient Aegean Research

Hi 9th grade.  Welcome to your first research project in the Upper School!  To help you begin, I have created a Ancient Aegean LibGuide that will be a great starting point.

To help you to become familiar with using the LibGuide, you will  complete theLibGuide Search.  Download the Word document and answer the ten questions that will lead you through the different elements of the LibGuide.

Don't forget that the library web site has lots of resources (like bibliography help and a...