Archives Open House

Have you even wondered what exactly is in the Archives?  This month is your opportunity to visit although you are always welcome to stop by.  Open house hours are on Wed. from 2-4 and Thurs. from 12-1 throughout the month of October.

Special items to see:

  • A 1913 yearbook – one hundred years old!
  • Dana stuffed animal collection
  • Dana Women in Science display
  • Photographs from 1881
  • School uniforms from 1921 and...

100th Anniversary of the National Cherry Blossom Festival

2012 is the 100th anniversary of the gift of cherry trees from Tokyo, Japan to Washington, D.C.  Amazingly, there is a Dana connection to this event.  Shinaye Eugenia Ozaki, Class of 1927 was the daughter of Yukio Ozaki, the mayor of Tokyo.  In 1909, as a gift of friendship to the people of the United States from the people of Japan, Yukio Ozaki sent 2000 flowering cherry trees to Washington to be planted along the Potomac River from the Lincoln Memorial...

Hallmanac now on the Digital Quilt

Looking for that yummy brownie recipe, the movie review for Crazy, Stupid, Love, or the Top 10 Senior Privileges? Beginning with the Oct. 2011 issue, all Hallmanacs are now archived on the Ditigal Quilt, Dana’s digital archive.  The Hallmanac looks quite different on the Digital Quilt.  The pages are white and the photographs are in color.  The best news is that it is searchable so information is easy to find.

While you are looking at the Digital Quilt,...

Sheet and Pillow-Case Party

The Sheet and Pillow-Case Party was an early tradition at Dana that took place until around 1900 when the New Girls’ Dance took its place.  It was a way to have the incoming class, the sophomores, feel welcome at their new school and get to know their older classmates. Most students were boarders at this time. Today, the tradition of Senior-Sophomore continues in the spirit of the Sheet and Pillow-Case party.

Mr. Goodson’s Making History class was recently given an assignment to...

Look it up in the Danapedia

Dana now has its own online encyclopedia – the Danapedia. The entries cover the entire span of Dana history but the emphasis is on historical people, traditions, activities and events. You access the Danapedia from the drop-down menu under the Archives tab at the top of this page.

Why do we have Senior-Sophomore?   What is the meaning of the sculpture in front of the Dining Center?  Do you know which head of school took advice from a talking horse?  (Hint: look under Fun Facts for...