Lucille Tinnin 1924 with the spade
Lucille Tinnin 1924

The Spade was traditionally passed down from the outgoing class president to the incoming class president on Class Night.  As a way of being remembered, the senior class tied a ribbon around the Spade indicating its class year and colors before passing it on.  At dinner that night, a secret ballot was taken to elect the girl to tie the ribbon.  Generally, this student was the senior who had done the most for her class but had not held a school office during her senior year.  The

The Spade, 2005
The Spade, 2005

ribbon was tied onto the Spade during the last Step-Sing and then the graduating senior president relinquished it to the incoming senior class president. 

 The Spade has been used for a variety of activities during Dana’s history.  It was used during Tree Night, a tradition that seldom occurs today, to plant a tree commemorating the senior class.  Today, it is used primarily for groundbreaking ceremonies and is kept in the Traditions Cabinet in the library.  There are more than 100 years of ribbons on the Spade!