Sword dance, 1958
May Day, 1958

The Sword Dance was originally part of the May Day tradition.  The May Day tradition began in 1942 and ended in 1964.  The May queen and her court were selected by the members of the senior class.  This was a festive celebration with gymnasts dressed as clowns, an intricate Maypole dance, and classes competing in sports, marching drills and the sword dance.  Each class had a sword dance team.  The swords were painted

Revels 2008
Revels 2008, Class of 2010

with their class colors. The first team to complete a star pattern with their swords was the winner.  The loosing teams broke their swords.  After the mid-1960s, the sword dance was performed at Class Day.  Today, the junior class performs a sword dance during Revels.