Jeannette Lukito 1999 Electrical and Computer Engineer
Jeannette Lukito 1999

Jeannette is an Engineering Development Group Manager at MathWorks in Natick, MA.  MathWorks is a worldwide organization that develops numerical computing software for engineers and scientists. MATLAB and Simulink are two of the main tools they developed that allow engineers and scientists to accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation and development.  Both of these programs were the primary tools that Jeannette used in college for her engineering projects.

Jeannette graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in 2003 and a Master of Engineering degree in 2004.  She majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Systems Engineering.  She relates, “The idea that math and science can really be applied to everyday life had inspired me for my focus in Global Positioning Systems theory and design. My systems engineering project of CUBES engineering combined from different majors and focused on designing a 10 cm. cube satellite to be launched into low earth orbit for the purpose of ionospheric scintillation research. Twinkling of stars that we sometimes see at night is a result of viewing an atmospheric effect or scintillation and my project was an opportunity to work with and understand the universe that affects us every day.”

Jeannette began thinking of a career in the math and science field at Dana and relates, “If I had to think of one teacher at Dana that has inspired me to pursue math and science, it is Mrs. [Kathleen] Skelly.  Mrs. Skelly was my AP Chemistry teacher, and her passion and genuine care for her students was clearly demonstrated through both her teaching and her time investment, even outside of the classroom setting.  I remember working with her and the class to prepare for out AP exams in her home she had opened to us.  One of the biggest things I learned from her was that science can be practical and can be applied to everyday life.  That inspired me to pursue a degree in the field of engineering when it was time for me to look at colleges.”

At MathWorks Jeannette constantly renews her appreciation of how math and science can be applied to everyday life. She has “gained interest in the aerospace and defense industry and have worked with and traveled to other companies that use our tools to build amazing innovations such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, the next generation fighter aircraft and new micro integrated Global Positioning System Receivers.”  In her current position, Jeannette has the opportunity to coach individuals within the company in identifying and developing their technical, professional and personal skills for a successful career at MathWorks.

Lukito, Jeannette. “Re: Dana Women in Science Display.” Message to Pam Kaplan. 4 April 2012. E-mail.
Photograph Courtesy of Jeannette Lukito
Pam Kaplan
April, 2012
Dana Women in Science Display