Please send any and all research requests about Dana Hall history to

Julia Newman Kuljancic, School Archivist | (781) 235-1310 x2583

I love being an archivist because you get to uncover unknown and forgotten histories! We can’t keep everything, but archivists help to preserve the most important pieces of our collective memory. One of the best parts about being an archivist is getting to experience the past by working with materials and objects from another time and place.

Dorothy DeSimone, Archivist | (781) 235-1310 x2582

I love being a librarian (and now an archivist) because of the endless possibilities for learning new things and sharing that learning with others. I’ve been at it now for 35 years and I haven’t yet run out of mind-expanding opportunities. It’s also great to be able to count other librarians as your friends!