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Stephanie Donohue, Library Director

I love being a librarian because every day is a new adventure.  You never know what story you will hear, where it will take you, what questions you’ll be asked or puzzles you’ll have to solve, what you’ll discover, and who you will meet along the way.  Being a librarian allows you to both open a door to many worlds for others, and to explore them yourself (and geek out about research questions, great books, and awesome colleagues and students)!

Maggie Davidov, Upper School Librarian

Being a librarian is like being a detective. I love questions that take me a long time to answer and problems that are not easily solved. I also LOVE that librarians get to bring who they are to their job. I can buy plays because I love the theater. I can tell stories to the campus kids because I used to teach kindergarten. I get to teach the best class in the school, Skills 9, which is about learning how to learn. I’m one lucky duck!

Amelia Herring, Middle School Librarian

Being a librarian combines all of the things I love most in the world. I get to learn something new every day, dive deep into subjects that I previously knew nothing about, and work closely with people to help them accomplish something that often seems daunting: research! The hunt of finding that perfect source or topic is thrilling to me. Plus, the bonus of matching a person to the perfect book and seeing it ignite a passion for reading is truly magical. Especially when that person is a middle school student who claims she hates reading!

Dorothy DeSimone, Archivist

I love being a librarian (and now an archivist) because of the endless possibilities for learning new things and sharing that learning with others. I’ve been at it now for 35 years and I haven’t yet run out of mind-expanding opportunities. It’s also great to be able to count other librarians as your friends!

Julia Newman, Reference and Archives Assistant

I love being an archivist because you get to uncover unknown and forgotten histories! The things we hold on to often tell a story that is special to us, but also offer a glimpse into our thoughts, feelings, opinions and decisions. Many things (personal papers, diaries, yearbooks, scrapbooks, photographs, keepsakes and more!) can help us form a better understanding of the past and encourage us to think differently or change our perception. We can’t keep everything, but archivists help to preserve the most important pieces of our collective memory! One of the best parts about being an archivist is getting to experience the past by working with materials and objects from another time and place.


Pam Kaplan, Archives Assistant