What kind of activities does Dana Hall library have?


1. Middle School Crafts Club

Middle School Students have a crafts club every Wednesday.

Girls who are interested in decorations, colorings, and making crafts have joined this club.

2. Knitting Circle

Dana Hall library has a Knitting Circle every Thursday.

Even though you don’t know how to knit, come and join! Everybody of any level is welcome. The knitting supplies are available, if you don’t have any. You will be able to knit your own muffler, hat, and gloves or make a gift for someone.

3. Story Time for Children

Story time for children is held once a month in the Tower Room.

Usually faculty and staff children join and listen to the storytelling with their sparkling eyes.

If you have a younger sister or brother, feel free to join with them! 

Stay posted to the website for future dates.

4. Book Fair

Book Fair is held in May at Dana Hall library.

Many students join and look for their summer reading books or the books they have wanted to read.

Don’t know what to read? No worries! You will be able to get the explanation of each book and get recommendations from our librarians.

5. Middle School Book Club

Middle school students have a book club every Trimester III.

They read books together, share ideas, and go on a journey together.


How many activities have you known among these five activities?

Feel free to join them, and if you have any ideas, please tell us. We are looking for new ideas!

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