Thanksgiving Storytime @ The Library


Storytime at the library before Thanksgiving break brought a lot giggles, lego blocks, and children’s books on a surprisingly warm fall evening. Some of the faculty and their children were present and eager to hear the story of a farmer and his really smart turkey while they played with the lego blocks. After that funny story, Ms. Muther and Nadia led the group with their voices in singing Thanksgiving themed songs. Although most of the children present were toddlers and couldn’t speak yet, they enthusiastically joined in with their babbles, harmonizing with the group. After another lovely story about Thanksgiving, the group drew hand turkeys and learned that crayons are not food. The evening  concluded with a “Happy Thanksgiving!” to everyone and a “Great job!” to Ms. Muther and Nadia for leading a wonderful Storytime event. We hope to see you there next time!

by Naomi K. ’18

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