Spring break suggestions #3: New fiction!


The Way We Fall, by Megan CreweThe Butterfly Clues, by Kate EllisonBunheads, by Sophie FlackAwkward, by Marni Bates

The Way We Fall, by Megan Crewe: Sixteen-year-old old Kaelyn challenges her fears, finds a second chance at love, and fights to keep her family and friends safe as a deadly new virus devastates her island community.

The Butterfly Clues, by Kate Ellison: When Lo finds a butterfly figurine connected to a recent murder, she is caught up in the deadly mystery.

Bunheads, by Sophie Flack: Hannah revels in the competition, intense rehearsals, and dazzling performances that come with being a professional ballerina, but after meeting handsome musician Jacob she begins to realize there could be more to her life.

Awkward, by Marni Bates: When a humiliating accident at school is captured on video and posted on the Internet, clumsy Mackenzie is turned into an overnight Internet sensation, and is sucked into the world of rock stars, paparazzi, and worldwide popularity.

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