Look it up in the Danapedia


Dana now has its own online encyclopedia – the Danapedia. The entries cover the entire span of Dana history but the emphasis is on historical people, traditions, activities and events. You access the Danapedia from the drop-down menu under the Archives tab at the top of this page.

Why do we have Senior-Sophomore?   What is the meaning of the sculpture in front of the Dining Center?  Do you know which head of school took advice from a talking horse?  (Hint: look under Fun Facts for that one.)  Amaze your friends, family and teachers with your knowledge of Dana!

Currently, most of the entries are short biographies on interesting alums, faculty, notable people in Dana history and heads of school and histories of the traditions, but new content is added regularly.  The students in Mr. Goodson’s Making History class will be contributing their latest discoveries from the Archives. 

If you have a question about Dana history that is not explained in the Danapedia, please contact me and I will add an entry to answer your query. Tracking down information about Dana Hall is my favorite thing to do!


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