Laini Taylor recap


Last week, 60+ of you were lucky enough to meet the fabulously pink-haired author Laini Taylor (who blogged about her visit).  She talked with the Middle School and Upper School about her writing process for Daughter of Smoke and Bone. My favorite pieces of advice were:

“Develop a habit of completion” — in other words, finish what you start!

“Just because it’s hard for you doesn’t mean you aren’t meant to do it.” She was talking about how difficult editing can be for her, but I think those are words to live by for us all.

Thanks for coming, and don’t forget to tell us what you think of the book!

9th Grade Ancient Aegean Research


Hi 9th grade.  Welcome to your first research project in the Upper School!  To help you begin, I have created a Ancient Aegean LibGuide that will be a great starting point.

To help you to become familiar with using the LibGuide, you will  complete theLibGuide Search.  Download the Word document and answer the ten questions that will lead you through the different elements of the LibGuide.

Don’t forget that the library web site has lots of resources (like bibliography help and a link in to NoodleBib) and that your librarians are here to help you!

Remember your research process overview: know what it is you need to find, start general and then get more specific.  And of course, always take good notes and make sure you cite those sources!

Banned Books Week


What are bannedFree Your Mind: Read a Banned Book and challenged books? What are the silliest reasons people challenge books? What were the most banned books in the U.S. last year? (Hint: You’ve read at least one.) Explore these questions and more on our Banned Books LibGuide.

Check a book out of our “books in jail” display and celebrate your freedom to read! Only you (with help from your parents) can decide what you’re “allowed” to read.