Book Review


 The Sky is Everywhere

By Jandy Nelson

Dial Books, 2010

Meet Lennie, a seventeen-year-old geeky clarinet player, bookworm, and secret poet who would rather climb trees and read Wuthering Heights over and over again than make any attempt at flirting with boys. Lennie has always lived quietly and comfortably in the shadow of her older sister and best friend, Bailey. But when Bailey dies suddenly, Lennie’s happy world quickly unravels. Left without a best friend to comfort her through this traumatic loss, Lennie seeks solace in Bailey’s fiancé, Toby, whose bottomless grief parallels her own. Enter Joe, the heartthrob new boy and musician who sees in Lennie more than she has ever seen in herself. While Lennie is left to navigate the complications of being thrust into an abrupt love triangle, she is also left struggling “to fend off the oceanic sadness” of losing her sister. “It’s such a colossal effort not be haunted by what’s lost, but to be enchanted by what was.” These words, I feel, encompass what it truly means to be left with an overwhelming void in one’s life. Nelson’s book is a touching portrait of anguish, anger, first love, and finding oneself amidst the chaotic backdrop of grief. Poignant, poetic, heartfelt, and funny, often in the same paragraph, I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a deep, emotional rollercoaster of a novel.

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Dana now has its own online encyclopedia – the Danapedia. The entries cover the entire span of Dana history but the emphasis is on historical people, traditions, activities and events. You access the Danapedia from the drop-down menu under the Archives tab at the top of this page.

Why do we have Senior-Sophomore?   What is the meaning of the sculpture in front of the Dining Center?  Do you know which head of school took advice from a talking horse?  (Hint: look under Fun Facts for that one.)  Amaze your friends, family and teachers with your knowledge of Dana!

Currently, most of the entries are short biographies on interesting alums, faculty, notable people in Dana history and heads of school and histories of the traditions, but new content is added regularly.  The students in Mr. Goodson’s Making History class will be contributing their latest discoveries from the Archives. 

If you have a question about Dana history that is not explained in the Danapedia, please contact me and I will add an entry to answer your query. Tracking down information about Dana Hall is my favorite thing to do!