Hallmanac now on the Digital Quilt


Hallmanac Oct. 2011Looking for that yummy brownie recipe, the movie review for Crazy, Stupid, Love, or the Top 10 Senior Privileges? Beginning with the Oct. 2011 issue, all Hallmanacs are now archived on the Ditigal Quilt, Dana’s digital archive.  The Hallmanac looks quite different on the Digital Quilt.  The pages are white and the photographs are in color.  The best news is that it is searchable so information is easy to find.

While you are looking at the Digital Quilt, check out The Bonbonnière, Dana’s first known newspaper. A bonbonnière is a fancy box to hold sweets, and the editors meant this newspaper to be the box for “all the dainties which the fitful fancies of our friends produce.” Toboggan runs, moonlight sleigh rides, and sheet and pillow-case parties are just a few of the events covered in this newspaper. You might be surprised to learn what campus life was like in the 1890s!

Don’t Forget to Be Awesome


Some happy students at the John Green event on Tuesday, holding their shiny new signed copies of The Fault in Our Stars.

The library copy will be ready to check out soon! Let us know if you want to be first in line. Word on the street is it’s pretty fantastic.

(If you’re new to this scene, John Green is more than just an author, and this was more rock concert/festival than book signing. John and his brother Hank have an online community of people who call themselves Nerdfighters. They fight to “increase awesome and decreas[e] world suck.” If you want to know more, this FAQ is a good place to start.)

John Green update


The bad news: John Green has moved to Wellesley Middle School, because Bardwell just didn’t have enough seats.

The good news: We will take you there if you want us to!

We also have 15 more Golden Tickets to give away! If you haven’t ordered a book (either through us or through Wellesley Books) or signed up for a Golden Ticket, you may request one. These are for Dana community members only.

If you want a ride to Wellesley Middle School or a Golden Ticket, we need to know by this Friday, Jan. 6! You can pick up your Golden Ticket on Monday, Jan. 9.

The talk is Tues., Jan. 10, at 7 p.m.