Guaranteed to Make You Giggle


Sometimes, you just need a good laugh to relieve tension, get the good vibes flowing, and feel refreshed. If you’re finding yourself wound up a little too tightly as exams approach, this post is here to help. By making you laugh. Snort. Cackle. Guffaw.

Here we go.

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Keep Calm and Study On


Take some time this week to BREATHE. Check out our Study Break Area (above the text books) and pick up some coloring pages, or walk into another world through Google Cardboard. Trust us, you’ll love it.

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Or come to one of our programs starting Friday at 4:30 with mind blowing endings to Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Find out what Mr. Disney left out…

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November is National Family Stories Month!


Did you know that November is National Family Stories Month?  Chances are, you’ve shared some laughter, crazy times, or tears with people in your family.  What better time to commemorate the memories you’ve made with them – and any other stories your family might share – than by celebrating this month?

Now is a great time to write down or share you own personal history, or read about the histories, memoirs, and biographies of other families across time.  Learn about different family dynamics by diving into a picture book about a penguin with two dads, a memoir about an impoverished yet optimistic girl who cares for her dysfunctional family, or a movie about a family of secret superheroes!  Remember, every family has its own story; this is just a month to appreciate those stories!



Literary Pumpkins


It’s almost Halloween, and we had a blast getting in the spirit by decorating pumpkins in the library last week!  Be sure to swing by and check out our lovely literary creations, ranging in interpretations of novels from Raven Boys to Dork Diaries!  Middle Schoolers, campus kids, and the librarians teamed up for these masterpieces, which will be on display all week.

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