Tampon Drive!


Donate Tampons or Pads for the women of Rosie’s Place. According to the Tri-Heads of CSAB: “The grade with the largest percentage of participation will receive a PRIZE!!!!!” (Levin). A REALLY cool prize… You don’t want to miss out on that. This drive runs through February 11th. So far, the CLASS of 2019 is killing it!

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Image Source: Amazon

YouTube. Not just for Cat Videos.


We love it too. Those viral videos that just make your heart melt.

We’ve got some too at the Helen Temple Cooke library that might not make you go, “awwww” so much as, “WOW! My mind has just been blown!” Here are some of the latest YouTube videos from the library to help you succeed in your classes. And how about bookmarking our┬áchannel? It might just come in handy!

East Asian Studies – Edo Period Annotated Bibliography Assignment

How to Sync Your NoodleTools and Google

West Civ. – How to Cite a Work of Visual Art

Get Organized for the New Year!


Happy New Year!

I suspect that many of you made resolutions for 2016, and the first step to accomplishing many of those goals is to get organized and make a plan. Here are a couple of tools to help you schedule, journal, list, remind, set goals, and succeed!

  • Wunderlist (iPhone/iPad app, website): Create lists, categorize tasks, and access them from anywhere.
  • Erin Condren LifePlanner: Keep track of your daily schedule, appointments, assignments, workouts, and inspiration. Lots of fun accessories, too.
  • Pocket (iPhone app, website): Save/annotate/tag all the news/articles/websites that you want to refer back to later.
  • Kikki K Wellness Planner: Set and track goals, create healthy habits, and stay inspired. Check out their other journals/planners/accessories, too.

Get out there, get organized, and make it happen!